10 000 trees for Beara - Ireland
What is it all about? How is it done? Why planting trees? 
'10 000 trees for Beara – Ireland' is a creative environmental and art project. Your tree and 9 999 other different trees will be planted to
become a mixed forest which serves the environment, the global as well as our own. The quality of human life is directly connected with
preserving the stock of trees. With this project, we intend to put something up against the irresponsible cutting down of trees for mere greediness.
You can help by becoming a member.
As a member, you get a tree share. This is a homepage which is linked with the '10 000 trees for Beara – Ireland' page. With the help of your
membership fee of 5 € per month, one to three trees (depending on the species and size) are bought, planted and cared for. What is more,
your tree-share can pay dividends. That works via a mini-shop which will be installed on your new homepage – you can also have your own
advertisement there – carrying a button of a partner's program (affiliate) which participates in the '10 000 trees for Beara – Ireland' project.
Anybody visiting your homepage who clicks on the banner of that partner gets on her/his page. If the visitor buys something there, a percentage
of the price of the sold item pre-arranged with the partner will be passed to your credit.
The absolute clou is our super offer to news members!
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'10 000 trees for Beara – Ireland'
is an environmental project of uisceadoir, a charity organisation. Supported by the non-profit enterprise Brain Trust Communication,
it does not claim any state grants.
Why not making a claim to grants?
We think that the state's money should go into social and cultural fields as well as into the environment protection. But above all, those people or
groups who make use of, exploit and/or destroy the ressources of the environment, i.e. for private and economical interests, are under the obligation
to care for an intact environment. Through memberships, trade and industry as well as private ownership can be involved in environmental projects,
eventually sharpening their awareness of the environment. 
Felicitas Gross
Jergan Janssen-Jerom
Reenabulliga - Adrigole Co.Cork
E-Mail: jeroms@usiceadoir.org