What does an Uisceadoir membership contain?

Every member owns 1 - 3 trees which are planted and cared for –
the project 10000 Trees for Ireland.
Moreover, Uisceadoir takes part in the following projects:

The club of budapest - WorldShift Network

As a thank-you for joining, your advantages as a new Uisceadoir member are as follows:

1) a pre-configurated personal homepage. In addition, please have a look at the '10.000-Tree' art page click here
2) a pre-installed web shop to sell your personal range of products or an affiliate assortment
3) a chance to earn an income by members recruit members
4) the easy-doing mini-computer in the form of an 8-GB USB stick including navigator, pre-configurated folder structure, a rich choice of web-based tools, services and portable tools (optional: MicroSC-USB adapter for mobile phones with micro-SC connection)

The Pro Version of easy doing of 32 GB comprises the
MicroSC-USB adapter for mobile phones and other professional tools and services.

your mini-computer - the easy doing stick with many tools and services
your personal web site prepared according to this pattern page
your online shop with your own products or an affiliate system
recruiting new members earns you a bonus of
15 per new member
recruiting members with easy doing
PRO earns you a bonus of 60 per member
MicroSC-USB adapter for mobile phones (In the easy-doing PRO package) or optional
As a member, you can also participate actively in the '10.000-Tree' art page poject.
for more info click here
invitation to our Studio Meeting Points with live music
exchange of opinions and swapping through the members' boards system, also for visitors of your website
invitation to the Pictic Meeting Points at the future member cafe at Reenabulliga (planned)
invitation to actions in the new Good-Things Market Adrigole
free parking space in the new Good-Things Market (as far as available)
forum and boards system on any theme within Pflog network
free support via ticket system, professional support for easy-doing
PRO and more
membership fees: with easy doing € 5 per month and with easy doing PRO19 per month

Supporting your environment, you support yourself and your children