an art by the sea projekt




10000 trees your tree and your picture is part of it

Your tree and 9.999 other different trees are planted in Ireland to have a mixed forest
which serves recreational and environmental purposes.

10000 trees is a creative hands-on art and environmental project cooperating
with our art project
society - a choreography

How is it done?

Quite simple: As a member, you can place the icon of a tree picture on the 10000 Trees art page.
That icon the size of which is 48 x 48 pixel you should do yourself. Paint or photograph a picture
of a tree, a head or something related to the subject. We embed it then into the 10000 Trees
art page and provide it with a link to your homepage. So, whoever clicks one miniature picture
enters the respective homepage behind it. All in all, this page will become a collective painting
which is exhibited in our Gallery
EMPTINESS as soon as it is finished and may be published
as hand-signed, limited series later on.

On this 10000 Trees art page with its miniature pictures and interlinked websites, an art construct
will come into being. It'll be an art space that, comprising a variety of interests, colours and nuances,
will mirror this society you can experience by just clicking the pictures. As all mini-pictures are,
if any, provided with names which reveal details only after having clicked it, it's like going on an
adventure trip through society, entertaining, interesting, instructive. Moreover, each mini-picture with
its link to a homepage may be placed on as many other pages you wish. Basically, any possible
website of any area of life may be put behind the miniature picture, be that a private or a commercial
one. with the solitary exception of websites containing illegal or pornographical contents.

Besides, the miniature-picture allows you to put your own advertisement on your homepage,
either your personal one, your own company, or somebody else's.